June 18th, 2012

Although it is important to strive for excellence, it seems like many people have a difficult time being happy with what they have. People are more and more concerned about their appearance, and many people are resorting to having multiple plastic surgery procedures done in the quest for the perfect appearance that they will never achieve. Others think that they have to have tons and tons of money, and they are not happy with what they have, even if they already have a nice home and a happy and healthy family.

Instead of worrying about what you don’t have or what others own, it is important to think about the value of the things that you do have. Having good health or only minor issues puts you at a great advantage when compared to many others in this world, and having a family who loves and cares about you should be the greatest gift of all. Although there is nothing wrong with having goals and achieving these goals, it is important to step back every once in a while to realize how much worse things could be, and having good health and a happy family is better than any material possession.

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